Thursday, May 22, 2008

Veritable Gobs Of Media!!!

Well, a lot has happened since my last (and first) post. I recently celebrated my birthday and recieved a grand total of 3 DVDs and 4 CDs, among them the 2-disc special edition of the original National Treasure. In addition to this, I went to see The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. But wait, the media saturation my brain has recieved doesn't stop there! National Treasure: Book of Secrets came out on DVD on Tuesday, so of course I recieved the 2-disc special edition of that as well. I haven't gone into great detail, but I'm sure all of my adoring fans can get a pretty good idea of how things have been.

Also, I have been wrestling with a somewhat difficult decision which will greatly impact my life (or not). I am speaking, of course, of whether or not I should purchase a flash cart for my Nintendo DS Lite, and if so, which flash cart. I have been examining the many homebrew DS sites, and I have essentially decided to get a SLOT-2 flash cart. Now my only difficulty lies in finding a reliable retailer. sells SLOT-1 cards, and if I have to I will just buy one of these, but I was hoping for a Supercard CF because of its built-in 32MB RAM expansion. Some of the more powerful homebrew games and applications use this, such as the amazing QuakeIIDS, as well as DSLinux.

Well, my download of the National Treasure 2 soundtrack (from AmazonMP3) just finished, so I had better go. Farewell until next time!


Anonymous said...

greatly impact your life? how about satisfy your obsession? lol just kidding!

I hope you are going to update it more that Wesley updates his ;D hint hint... Wes! lol jk\


Dan Gualtieri said...

I'll try to be a bit more regular... although one can spend hours just reading through Wes's former entries;-)

Anonymous said...

no really! lol
he does have a lot of things to post from school alone.

and some of them are interesting

Anonymous said...

Nintendo DS Lite? is it fat free?