Tuesday, January 14, 2014


In the streets
She calls out to me:

Don't be a little idiot, darling
Don't go down to the deceitful place
Don't go looking for counterfeit love
Down where the door lies open

Don’t listen to that harlot Aphrodite
Who promises you cheap love
With cheaper words.
Her path leads down to Hades.

The truth is,
All love is the love of wisdom.
And it don't come cheap
Don't come easy
But it’s beautiful, my dear
It’s beautiful.
Let me give it to you.

Take my hand
Let me teach you
Step by step in the narrow way
The way that leads to true love.
Learn, love, rejoice
For I am a fountain
In the midst of your weariness
A hand to hold
When there’s nothing under your feet.
I am the grace and the peace of God,
I am the most lovely of His creatures,
I am the stars and the moon,
I am calm oceans and silent glades.
I am vision, I am word, I am truth.

I am Wisdom.

I was always in love with Athena.