Sunday, March 27, 2011

Poem: Last Summer (or, Regret)

Hello, everyone! Here is another poem I wrote recently... it doesn't really need too much explanation, I guess. Suffice it to say it's the result of a lot of meditation on the directions my life could possibly have gone in the past.


Last Summer (or, Regret)

Last summer I had a dream,
That somehow, though I don't deserve it,
You might, just might, have been mine.
But alas, that dream never came true.

As I stared into the flickering flame,
I wanted so very much to tell you
How beautiful you looked in the darkness,
But my fear always stood in the way.

And then there were the hints.
Your words, your touch, the little things,
The things that said maybe you'd welcome me in,
But I was too awestruck to knock on the door.

I was alone, and you came,
Gave me the honor of being near you.
You sang, your heart in harmony with mine,
I was too ashamed to admit I didn't know the words.

And now my chance is past,
I've studied the song, I know all the words,
But now it's too late, you've met someone else,
And you'll never know what I so wanted to say.

Now every time I see you I wonder,
If last summer was nothing more than a dream.
Did I ever really have a chance?
Or was it just a trick of the firelight?