Sunday, October 18, 2009

Concerning life...

Hey, everyone, time for another entry chronicling the life and times (this time, specifically the life) of me, your humble blogger.

Yeah, so life has been pretty crazy for me lately... everything's been good on the whole, but I feel like I've been so busy I haven't had time to stop and smell the coffee (or is it roses?). What with a very demanding school schedule and a number of time-sinks that seem to pop up on a regular basis, everything has been a massive whirlwind. Although school isn't necessarily all that difficult, it is very time-consuming (although some would question whether I make it more time-consuming than it needs to be). Things just seem to be exploding into my life at every level; I feel as alive as I've ever felt, and at the same time as overwhelmed as I've ever felt. I am experiencing life in all its wonder and in all its troubles, all its beauty and joy and all its ugliness and misery. As all these new experiences well up both externally and internally, it's easy for me to be overcome at times by the sheer power of it.

Thankfully, I'm not alone... I have wonderful friends to strengthen and relieve me and a wonderful Savior to guide and, well, save me. As I sojourn through this high and low point in my life, I often tend to despair of ever successfully navigating the dangerous waters of change which haunt the high school/college transitionary period I'm now experiencing (metaphor much?). I thank God daily (or at least, I SHOULD) that I rarely feel the weight of loneliness... without the people who make my life so pleasurable, it would be nigh-unlivable, and without my Savior, it would be UTTERLY unlivable. So I guess what I want to say comes down to this: thank you, friends, and thank you, Christ, for always giving me hope during difficult times. I couldn't handle it without ya :)