Sunday, July 6, 2008

Finally, A New Post!

Wow. I have been busy lately. I mean very busy. The kind of busy where I don't have time to even touch the keyboard, let alone post here.

Okay, so that was a lame excuse. But still, I have been busy.

Probably the biggest change since my last post is that i finally ordered and received a flash cart for my Nintendo DS. Since then, I have been spending every waking hour(sell, not really, but close) finding and tinkering with more cool homebrew software. There is some amazing stuff out there, from web browsers to IRC clients to games to email clients to eBook readers to emulators to iPod simulators to video players to AIM clients to just about anything else. The sheer amount of stuff out there is just amazing. And the best part is that the DS is still a current-generation system, so the development scene is incredibly active.

Just because I feel like it, I will reveal my favorite piece of DS homebrew software: DSOrganize. Billed as an application that should have come stock with a DS, this handy-dandy organizer program has loads of useful features, such as a file browser, calendar, to do list and other convenient stuff. The best parts of DSOrganize are its online components. Most noticeably, there is a web browser, complete with support for images, form fields, downloads and much more(although it doesn't have Java support, which limits it greatly). DSOrganize also features an IRC(Internet Relay Chat) client, which works perfectly and supports all standard IRC features, including file transfers. Another, less noticeable, online app is DSOrganize's Homebrew Database function. Basically, this program links to an online database of DS homebrew and allows the user to download any of around a hundred applications, games, and commercial demos at the touch of a button. While somewhat unusual, this feature is extremely useful, allowing for an easy look at some of the latest software.

I have recently discovered another web browser more to my liking, called Bunjalloo, but I still use DSOrganize almost every day.

Alright, enough about my DS. I'm sure any readers I may concievably have are growing somewhat bored with this train of thought, so I'll give a nice little shock: I am having my wisdom teeth taken out the day after tomorrow. Wish me luck! Farewell!