Friday, September 6, 2013


Every day I experience the immeasurable joy of simply existing

The beauty of the world and the beauty of all of its people

The joy, the power found in the heights and even the depths of passion

A fire

a tree


the bright face of the moon

eyes (I want to write forever about eyes)

newborn hands and hands worn down with time

voices rich and full of history

the special, sacred sensation of touch

love -consider all the associations that simple word brings-

reason, the wild notion that we can find meaning in anything

temporality, the storied past, fleeting present, mysterious future


life life life

life forever and always fully existent experiencing the world seeing life everywhere bounding and leaping and creating and hoping and flying through the air into daddy's lap and kissing the person you love and staring at clouds and reading a really good book and writing one someday and the sheer joy of existence in a world with other people to share it with and to talk to and love and exist with-


These things exceed my capacity to understand

to contain

to create

and all I can do is fail to comprehend the impossible fact that I exist, and sit back in my chair and be glad.

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