Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I miss the days when we were young,
Love flowed like honey on our tongues,
Things were simple, life was free,
Hours as long as we wanted them to be.

I miss the good times and the bad,
The lovely years we never had,
Eternal springtimes decked with flowers,
Peace to while away the hours.

I miss the days of faerie-land,
You smiled as I took your hand,
Love kept us warm through bitter cold,
We clung to dreams of growing old.

I miss the endless whispered talks,
Summer days and garden walks,
Flowers bloomed as we strolled past,
I prayed to God these times would last.

I miss even our tragic fall,
Evening sweetness mixed with gall,
Falling leaves and autumn light,
Empty day and lonely night.

I miss above all you, my dear,
Your presence turning grey skies clear,
But love can end and dreams can die,
And so they did with you and I.


Gabe said...

How haunting and delightful. Daniel, we should start some sort of writing correspondence. I mean, who knows? One of us might be the next Chesterton or Lewis. We might be doing the world a disservice not sharpening our whits against each other. I not sure what it would look like, exactly, but think it over and contact me somehow.

Wesley Tamkin said...

interesting how it seems to describe your life with a childhood sweetheart and yet. Yes, that is all.

It reads quite well.

SangMing said...

How lovely. It's almost too neat for a poem and deserves to be a song.