Monday, October 22, 2012

Poem: Midas Morning

Morning! A kinetic stroke of majesty, 
The light consumes the night, 
A lightning flash of crimson 
Washes the muddy sky clean. 

Let there be light! Dawn at last,
Rays break over a cold dark land,
Beams of sheer gold baptize by fire,
For a moment, the world becomes what it is.

The darkness lifted, the truth is plain,
That the world is a splendid palace, 
We are Adam and Eve, kings and queens,
Ruling over a beautiful and priceless empire.

Dust and dirt turn to shining gold,
Emerald blades of grass stand eternal attention,
Leaves, fruits and flowers refract light
Bright as gemstones suspended in time.

And man, the capstone of creation
Stands crowned with the image of God
The lowest bowed head raised in dignity
Robed as a statue of gold in the light of the Sun.

Glory reigns for only a moment, soon gone
Shadows veil the truth once again
Clouds diffuse splendor, the secret still holds,
Fallen earth returns to groaning and weeping.


One day soon the Light will shine on without end
Creation's restoration all the broken world mend.
All will be right at last, the meek will become the bold,
An eternal Midas morning will turn the weary earth to gold.


SangMing said...

Daniel, this is amazing. It brought a tear to my eye, and surprised me with a facet of you that I've never seen before. The accompanying picture is breathtaking too. Thank you so much for sharing!

Dan Gualtieri said...

Well, I'm truly glad to have given you some enjoyment :) Thank you for the feedback! I always like to hear what people think of my work, particularly people of good taste =P