Saturday, July 21, 2012

Poem: From An Old Man To The Woman He Was Meant To Marry

I was young once, the world was at my feet,
The throne was waiting, ready for me to take my seat,
I took the golden road, ran the never-ending wheel,
But your heart wasn't a commodity that I could buy or steal.

My life became consumed by success, excess, and pride,
I never had the humility to seek you, my one true bride.
You were ready, waiting always to become my queen,
But I was blind, distracted by my treasures’ golden sheen.

Silent serenades echo through my head,
Words we never spoke and things we never said.
Youthful fancies crumbled into the dusty past,
Memories of childish loves that never seemed to last.

Now I am old, the time has come to leave,
No one to remember me, no one here to grieve.
If only I had sought to find a love that's true,
To find the heart to say what I never said to you.

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