Monday, September 17, 2012

On Feeling Alive

It was one of those days when everything was heightened; physically, mentally, and emotionally, everything he encountered felt more real to him than normal. The chill in the cool morning air made him shiver as he walked across campus, the verbal sparring and exchange of ideas in his classes thrilled him, and the empathy he felt for the oppressed, lonely, and loveless during breakfast discussion lingered indefinitely in his heart. In short, he felt alive. It was invigorating and exhausting at the same time, but primarily it made him restless: he felt an intense desire to live, to do something with himself, to genuinely experience the world's magic, beauty, and mystery. The mundane sameness of his life's experiences was shockingly visible to him, and he yearned for something more, something that would carry the narrative of his life to new heights, something that would allow him the opportunity for genuine self-expression and genuine connection to the people around him. The feeling would in all likelihood be fleeting, but just for now, it consumed him.

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