Friday, June 22, 2012

Anyone Want To Help Me Buy an iPad? (or, An Internet Experiment in Shameless Panhandling)

So, yesterday evening, inspired by this Gizmodo post, I published a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo to pay for me to buy an iPad. Let me say up front that this is essentially a big experiment; I'm not seriously trying to ask anyone I know to give me money, nor do I *want* you to. Please, please don't.

The purpose of this tongue-in-cheek experiment is to see if, by some sort of random generosity, strangers on the internet will give me money. It is also a chance for me to play with my marketing technique, just for fun. Doing a bang-up job so far, aren't I? =D

Here is a link to the campaign, for anyone interested in the progress of my little experiment... no bites as of this posting, but we'll see what happens. I'll be pleasantly surprised if I get any money at all :)