Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day! (new poem included)

Hey, everyone, here is a new poem from yours truly in honor of Valentine's Day... enjoy, and have a terrific day! <3

Telephone Dreaming: An Untamed Flight of Fancy

The phone starts to ring
And my heart starts to sing!
Is it Her on the line,
My sweet darling so fine?

Is she calling to tell me good news.
That soon her exams will be through?
That maybe she'll soon come save me.
To take me away to a place full of glee?

Or does she phone to bear tidings of woe,
That her fair frame has fallen in snow?
That what I so crave, her visit to me,
Was tragically postponed indefinitely?

I pick up the line,
Is it you, dearest mine?
A delay, then a click:
An Indian telemarketing schtick.

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