Monday, April 23, 2012

So, I saw a girl today that reminded me of this...

This is a poem I wrote quite a while ago, about the girl mentioned in this post... I saw a girl at dinner today who struck me as very similar in appearance. Funny how little things can trigger memories like that, even ones that are amusing and ridiculous to examine in hindsight. Of course, it doesn't help that I'm suffering from acute lack of sleep :) But anyway, enjoy the poem!

Dancing With You

I can still remember the way it felt,
Dancing with you last night.
You looked so beautiful, so gorgeous as always.

Your warmth, your confidence, your assurance,
You melted my heart into a pool on the floor,
Made me utterly lose all my sense of rhythm.

I made halting conversation, you answered with grace,
Your face aglow with that radiant smile,
Your warmth spiraling through all of my veins.

I was blessed and humbled that you'd even accept my request,
That you'd descend from high Heaven to this humble earth of mine.
And Heaven is what I got the faintest taste of, last night.

And then, so soon!, the dance was finished.
You thanked me, as if I was even a little worthy.
And so ended my brief glimpse of bliss.

Maybe someday you'll find out how I feel,
Maybe someday I'll find the courage to tell you.
But I'll never forget the way it felt, dancing with you last night.

And all the thousand times I pass near you in the ins and outs of life,
I'll wish you could only sense, only know, only feel,
Just a little of the way I felt, dancing with you last night.

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